Saturday, December 13, 2008

He's Always Been So Faithful

Praise God for His continued faithfulness!

In the month since the last update, we have seen the Lord at work in ways we could not imagine. I am particularly joyful that the Lord has raised up a team of student leaders to carry on the movement in Carrollton and other area high schools. The students have actively planned and carried out outreach events, recruited their peers for the upcoming Fastbreak conference, and spent time praying for their lost friends. God's faithfulness has been evident in the answers to prayer and in the doors that have opened up for ministry at Newman Smith.
Christmas Party Led by Freshman Girls :)
Since November, I have been leading a Bible study for a group of beautiful, eager, freshman girls. In the first week of December, they decided to host a Christmas party as an avenue to let their friends know about the Bible study and about what Student Venture is. We had cookies, pizza, and wassail (my first experience with this particular festive drink). It turned out to be a cold night, and the girls didn't have as many people show up as they had anticipated, but I believe the night was a success. The party was a lot of fun, gave older students the opportunity to minister to the younger ones, and gave the freshman girls a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills. I'm so proud of the girls for taking the initiative.

L-R: Two leadership students telling the group about upcoming events; Twin sisters! (freshman girls); make leadership student (Caleb) explaining the crowdbreaker game.

December Student-Led Outreach Event
Early in December, we had a student-planned, student led outreach--an ultimate frisbee tournament. Familiar with the sport? Some have described it as "football with a frisbee minus the tackling." Works for me :) The Lord granted us favor with the high school football coach, and he gave us permission to use the football field for the event. Also, at the last minute, we discovered we needed a staff sponsor from the high school to be present during the outreach, and God raised up for us a teacher who had not previously been involved with Student Venture. She not only stayed for the duration of the frisbee tournament, but offered to make herself available whenever we need a sponsor! Praise God!

FastBreak Update
It's exciting to see what God's doing as we prepare for Fasbreak. So far, we have more than forty students from Carrollton signed up to attend the conference. They'll be joined at the conference by students from Frisco, Plano, and other cities in Texas for a time of renewal and training in discipleship. Last Friday was the last day of school, and we had a celebratory/informational party to give students an opportunity to hear more about Fastbreak and meet students who will be at the conference.
Prayer Requests
The Lord has continued to impress upon the hearts of the SV Dallas staff how essential prayer is to the ministry. I am thankful for your faithfulness in praying for us. I wish you could see for yourselves how students' lives are being changed in answer to our prayers. I trust that God will show up and surprise us with awesome works this coming year as we continue to look to Him as the only Source of strength. As we anticipate the new year, please lift these requests up to God:
  • That we would be faithful to the work He's called us to do.
  • That the freshman girls I'm currently discipling will grow in confidence and allow themselves to be used by God in leadership roles.
  • That the Lord would bring many, many students to Fastbreak in January, and that the students lives will be transformed in a way that will bring revival to Dallas.
  • That I, specifically, would draw strength from the Lord and not grow weary in my service to Him.


It's that time again!!! I pray it's a season of joy and peace for you as we celebrate the birth of Christ. As you unwrap Christmas gifts, also allow the Holy Spirit to reveal more of the Ultimate Gift to you. I pray you know Him this year in a deep, meaningful way. God bless!!!