Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Year Ended

Dear Friends ~

Thank you for praying for me in the final weeks of the spring semester. I experienced God’s abundant supply of grace and strength as I plowed through projects, papers, and final exams. On May 14, I graduated with my Master’s degrees in Student Ministry and Global Leadership.

My family flew in from Nigeria, London, and New York to celebrate with me. Yes, my whole family!!! It was a time for counting blessings. God’s faithfulness to me just blows me away.

The past few weeks have been busy with readjusting, moving, and figuring out “next steps.” I have also been “winding down” the year with my Bible study girls. As you all probably know, the end of this school year marks the end of my second year as an intern with Student Venture. After our annual summer conference, GetAway (June 13-19), my internship will come to an end. What a ride it’s been!

Even though I will no longer be an intern with the ministry, I will continue to volunteer with Student Venture for as long as I am around, until God moves me on to the next assignment. I hope you’ll come along with me :)

I thank you for your support in the past two years. I have felt your prayers, and I have seen God work in a mighty way among Carrollton high school students.

High School Graduation

Several of our student leaders graduated from Newman Smith High School on June 7. We were blessed this year with a core group of students who were committed to serving God on their campus. I would like to highlight three girls from my Bible study who are graduating, and share a little bit about my experiences with them.


I met Anna at the Newman Smith homecoming game last year. A student introduced her to me and told me she was interested in becoming involved with Student Venture. We exchanged phone numbers and I was amazed by Anna’s initiative when she called me before I had a chance to get in touch with her. We met for coffee shortly after and she explained that although she received Christ in the past couple of years, she had never had any discipleship. I invited Anna to participate in a Bible study and to become involved in our leadership training meetings.

Since that first meeting with Anna, I have seen her grow from shy and uncertain to confident and open. Throughout her senior year, she helped plan and implement outreaches, and helped with recruiting her peers to attend. This past January, during Fastbreak (our annual spring conference) Anna had the opportunity to share her testimony publicly for the first time. Now, she is preparing to move to Tennessee where she will work as a camp counselor, then begin as a freshman at Tennessee State University in the fall. (Anna on the left in the picture).


I first heard about Kim from a few of my Bible study girls. I learned she was a star basketball player who was friendly and who had recently been seeking to grow in her faith. Soon, I had the opportunity to watch Kim on the court at one of the varsity basketball games at Newman Smith, and I was impressed by her talent. I was even more impressed when Kim began to attend our girls’ Bible study and I discovered she was hungry for God’s word and open to His working in her life. What a gem! I was able to observe Kim’s servant-heart when she offered to host our Bible study in her home for the rest of the year, and unfailingly provided freshly baked treats for us every week! :)

In the short few months I’ve known her, Kim has grown tremendously. She has developed a habit of having quiet times with God, and she is more confident about telling others about her faith.

This fall, Kim will attend Missouri State on a basketball scholarship. She was excited to learn recently that her new roommate is a believer, and she looks forward to serving God on her basketball team.


I met Natalia my first week working with Student Venture. I was on a bus with her and 50 other high school students, on our way to Fastbreak ’07. Natalia was only a sophomore, but she struck me as mature and loving. Although she had already received Christ in the past, it was during that Fastbreak that Natalia committed her life to serving the Lord. Since then, I have seen her blossom into a beautiful woman of God.

During her last three years at Newman Smith, Natalia has been active as a leader in Student Venture. Natalia has had many opportunities to share the Gospel and her testimony at outreach events, and has been instrumental in many students coming to know the Lord. For two years, Natalia was the primary leader for the girls’ Bible study, and she discipled many young believers at her school.

In the fall, Natalia will move to Waco, TX to attend Baylor University. She has already contacted Christian ministries at Baylor and is excited to become involved in ministry at her school. Praise God!

I just wanted to share these brief stories with you to give you an idea of the impact you have had on the lives of many, and how the impact will be perpetuated as these girls go off and become disciple-makers at their colleges. We also have several young men from our leadership team who graduated this year, and I am excited to see where God will take them as well. Thank you for your part in growing God’s Kingdom by investing in the lives of these students.

Prayer Requests

Rocky Mountain GetAway

I just returned home a few days early from our annual summer conference, which is currently going on and will conclude on Thursday. Please be in prayer for the 370+ students, as well as the staff and volunteers who are with them this week. God is already working mightily, and this past Sunday, 11 students made decisions to receive Christ. Last night, two girls from Newman Smith shared that they were going to act upon God’s conviction to forgive family members who had hurt them. I know there is so much more that God is going to do in these next few days.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 17), the students will be going out to different locations around Boulder and Denver to initiate spiritual conversations with people, and possibly share the Gospel with them. Please pray that the students would be empowered by the Holy Spirit and would go out boldly—taking the initiative and leaving the results to God. Also, ask that hearts would be watered in preparation.

Summer Venture

This summer, students will have the opportunity to learn about God and grow in their faith as they participate in weekly outreach and training events every Monday. Please keep Summer Venture in your prayers and ask that the next few months would be a time for students to be prepared to reach their campuses when school resumes in the fall.

Thank you for all your prayers. Expect another update after GetAway!