Saturday, June 9, 2007

June Newsletter: Few Things Beat Seeing My Dad :)

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

What an exciting end to the month of May! Here are some highlights:

Visit with my Dad!
Yes, yes, my dad visited from Nigeria, and during the last week of May, I went to hang out with him in New York where he was a guest minister at a local church. It had been exactly a year since I last saw him (or my mom), and it was certainly a joyful reunion :) As exciting the visit was, I bet there was not as much rejoicing in heaven over it as there was over this next point . . .

Pool Party
Our end-of-year pool party outreach was a success--as are all things God has a hand in! Quoting a report on the event: "The leadership students encouraged those in attendance . . . shared their testimony and the Gospel message, and two students indicated a decision to trust Christ! One of those students, Illya, was born in Russia, is now a US citizen, ranked in the top 2% of his class, and who decided . . .to make that most important decision!! . . . Two of Illya’s good friends who are SV leadership students (Dave and Danny), took him out to Starbucks three months ago and shared the Gospel with him, but Illya told them that he was not a Christian and that he could never be passionate for Christ like his friends Dave and Danny …. I guess you should never say never!!" Praise God!

Several of our Student Venture members graduated from Newman Smith High School. We held a "send-off" ceremony to celebrate them. Three of the leadership students spoke at their baccalaureate service (one shared the gospel) and they were an encouragement to all who attended the service.

Prayer Requests . . .

Please pray for the upcoming SV Conference in Colorado, called "Getaway" ( From June 23rd to June 28th, several hundred high school students (including the Carrollton SV students) will gather at the conference site in Estes Park, Colorado, for a time of worship, adventure and growth. They will return home empowered and fired up to reach their friends for Christ. Ask that God will make it financially possible for the students to attend, and that we would be able to enlist a large number of lowerclassmen who can return home carrying the baton for witnessing.

Praise God! I have raised a quarter of my support, and I'm still counting. God has been showing me that He is more than able to foot the bill for the work He's called me to. Please pray that I would continue to trust God and not be discouraged.

God bless you all, and thank you so much for your support. I pray that God will continually reveal is power to you.

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